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ТǺѹԧ ԵФë ʹѧ ͹зԧ (16.06.57)

ТǺѹԧ ԵФë ʹѧ ͹зԧ (16.06.57)

Toh Kao Banterng's coverage on Krating's fitting day

"It's the end of all the rumors of not seeing Ken-Theeradej & Cherry-Khemupsorn leading in Krating from the Luerd Mungkorn series, because yesterday's morning both of them had already gone fitting as Krating characters.   Ken will be Tham Taratorn or Chonlathee in the looks of the leader of the fierce-bull gang of Yaowarat China Town.  As for the role, Yah-ya, an extricable assassin will be played by Cherry.    

Producer Tanya and Director Pongpat have revealed that they're lucky to be able to cast all their wanted main stars.   Pongpat "It's just as Dang had planned.  All the casts in this drama are what we originately planned to cast.  It's totally our luck to get these casts.

Meanwhile, Ken didn't commit that this would be his last drama but only said he hope people will keep supporting.   As for Cherry-Khemupsorn's problems with love scenes, Producer Tanya and Director Pongpat had explained that love scenes will be appropriate with characters.    Pongpat "No, Cherry didn't worry that much as she knew too well about the limitation of TV broadcasting.  No, she hasn't said she won't do love scenes.  Just she doubted whether there would be a hard one that she wouldn't want to do.  We said she didn't have to worry.  No such scene.  (P.S. The original novel is filled with tons of explicit lovescenes between lead characters.)

Cherry : "I talked to P'Daeng at first when they didn't decide who will direct this drama.   But finally, the director is P'Off.  So she said no worry for me here."    Ken : "I don't know yet.  I've got this drama for now.  I haven't decide what's next(Laughs)."   Both Ken & Cherry have learnt some more actions for filming this lakorn which will begin next month (June). 

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