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ˡͧ Hok Pee Nong (1985)

ˡͧ Hok Pee Nong (1985)

Title: ˡͧ
Title (Pronunciation): Hok Pee Nong (lit. mean. The 6 Siblings)
Overseas Titles :
Format: Serial
Genre: family
Viewership rating:
Broadcast network: ThaiTV3
Broadcast period: վ..2528 (1985)
Air time:
Theme song:
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Plot : not available

Info: പ ǧǾѹ, Ե ѭ, ѷت ǧǾѹ (ह) Ѻ繵Ф 6 ͧ  Ҫ ó ѭ

പ ǧǾѹ 7 Ǻ о ѷت ǧǾѹ  Ե ѭ 14 Ǻ

6 siblings including Theeradej Wongpuapan at the age of 7 (the only boy in the pic), his sister Nattanoot Wongpuapan, and one of the greatest Thai actresses, Lalita Panyopas at the age of 14 (the third girl on the 2nd row.)

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പ ǧǾѹ Theeradej Wongpuapan
Ե ѭ Lalita Panyopas
Ҫ Ram Rachapong
ó ѭ Jaruwan Panyopas
ѷت ǧǾѹ Nattanoot Wongpuapan 

Production Credits

Producing company : ͧ 3 (Channel 3)
Original Story :
Script Writer :
Producer :
Director : ûѵ ǧǾѹ (Weeraprawat Wongpuapan)

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